How to use Siri on your iPhone 5s – Tips and tricks!

Introduction: Get the most out of your iPhone 5’s voice-activated assistant, Siri, with these easy tips and tricks. All you need is a compatible microphone and speaker, and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re looking to set reminders, make calls, or control your smart home devices, these tips will help you make the most of Siri on your iPhone 5.

How to Use Siri on Your iPhone 5s.

Unlock the full potential of your iPhone 5 with Siri, a voice recognition software that allows you to control your device with your voice and touch screen. From reading texts, making calls, playing music, and setting alarms to controlling your home automation systems, Siri makes it easy to get things done on your iPhone 5.

Explore the Various Functions of Siri on your device

Your iPhone 5’s Siri has a variety of functions that can make your life easier. Some examples include:

  • Dialing numbers: Simply say “call” or “dial” followed by the number you want to call, for example, “call 3013” to call your parents.

  • Controlling home automation: Use Siri to control your smart home devices like lights or heating by saying phrases like “turn off all lights” or “turn on the heat.”

  • Asking questions: Ask Siri any question by saying “what is” or “how to” followed by your question, for example, “What is the weather like today?” or “How to cook a perfect steak?”

  • Understanding questions: If you have a question in the standard English language you can type it in and Siri will understand it. For example “What color is my car?” 

  • Setting reminders: You can also use Siri to set reminders for yourself. For example, if you want to be reminded to call your friend at 5 PM, you can say ” remind me to call John at 5 PM.”
  •  Sending messages: Siri can also help you send messages to your contacts. Just say ” send a message to [contact name]” followed by the message you want to send.
  • Setting alarms: Siri can also help you set alarms. Just say ” set an alarm for [time]” and Siri will set an alarm for that time.
  • Playing music: You can also use Siri to play music. Just say ” play [song/artist/album name]” and Siri will play that song/artist/album for you.
  • Finding information: You can also use Siri to find information on the internet. Just say ” search for [topic]” and Siri will search the internet for that topic and provide you with the results.

These are just a few examples of the many Siri functions that are available on your iPhone 5. By exploring and experimenting with Siri, you can discover even more ways to make your life easier and more convenient.

3 Ways to Use Siri to Control Your iPhone 5.

Easily control your iPhone 5 using Siri with these three methods:

  • Gestures: Hold down one of the side buttons and gesture left or right/up to execute desired actions such as panning or tilting while reading emails or adjusting the camera angle while taking pictures.
  • Voice commands: Use voice commands to make phone calls by saying “{name} called.” For example, say “Call mom” to call your mother.
  • Text commands: You can also use text commands to control your device, just type your command and Siri will understand it. For example “Please set an alarm for tomorrow at 8 am” Please note that The above examples are just illustrations and not an encouragement to use or misuse any of the features mentioned above, Please check and comply with the terms and policies of Apple and other relevant laws and regulations before using Siri on your device.”

How to Use Siri to Ask Questions.


First, open the Siri app on your iPhone 5 and type in a question. For example, you could ask Siri how much money I have left in your bank account. To answer a question with Siri, simply select the option that corresponds to the topic of your question and give the answer you want.

How to Ask Questions with Other Apps.

If you’re using another app to ask questions of Siri, be sure to follow the same steps as outlined in section 2.1 above. However, some apps don’t support asking questions with Siri so it’s best to check Compatibility Mode before asking any questions. For example, if you’re using an ebook reader like Kindle or Nook, you may need to use their app instead.

How to Ask Questions with Contact Numbers.

If you need to ask for a contact number for specific information (like their home address), be sure to first try calling them from their phone number or using an online formulary service like 123-456-789. Once you have their contact information, however, trying to ask a question about them via Siri is usually easier than attempting to call them directly!

How to Use Siri to Control Your iPhone 5.

To use Siri on your iPhone 5, first, make sure that you have the latest update to the mobile operating system. Once you have installed the update, open Settings and then click on General. In the General section, open Siri and click on the three lines next to it (the leftmost one will be hidden by a screen prompt). On the right-hand side of this screen, you’ll see a list of apps that can be controlled with Siri. Click on an app and then select “show control” from the pop-up menu. This will take you to a settings page for that app that will allow you to set up how Siri works with your phone.

Once you have set up how Siri works with your phone, you can start using it to control your iPhone 5. To do this, open an app like Mail or Contacts and type in a contact name or number. Then press “send” and wait for the message to show up in your text chat box. When it does, touch “send” again and select “phone call” from the drop-down list. Now touch guard your iPhone 5 with one hand while you talk into the other hand (or use a headset if necessary) and type in the contact information for this person into their chat box. When they answer, they will be heard through their microphone in place of your voice!

How to Control Your iPhone 5 with Other Apps.

You can also control your phone using other apps by opening them and then pressing “send” from within those apps as well as touching “send” again when prompted to do so. For example, if you are using Google Maps on your iPhone 5, you can press “Send Directions” from within Google Maps instead of having to type in addresses individually every time you want to navigate around town or country!


Get the most out of your iPhone 5 by using Siri to ask questions and control your device. With Siri, you can easily find answers to your questions and control your phone with the help of other apps. Asking questions with contact numbers is also a breeze, making your life more efficient. Upgrade your phone usage experience by utilizing Siri to its full potential.

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